Cashology by FNBO

Extra Paycheck Month - Making the Most of Your Money

Episode Summary

The extra paycheck month. Oh, those are nice months. They help you catch up a little bit. Maybe pay off a bill or put a little extra away in savings. Or splurge on something you want. But how can you make the most of your money, all year round, so that you’re not waiting on that extra paycheck to make things right? How can we build our personal wealth? That’s the question for today. Tune in now.

Episode Notes


What’s the first thing we need to do to make the most out of our money?

What about mortgage loans? Where do they fit in this mix?

What’s the next step in this smart plan to make the most out of our money?

We’ve talked a lot about paying off debit and cutting expenses. What about the other side of the equation? How can we make the money we have work hard?

When it comes to savings, what type of savings account should people build first?

What about retirement accounts? Where do they fit in?

Spend less, save more, take advantage of the retirement accounts available to you.