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How to Manage Finances in a Marriage

Episode Summary

What makes a happy marriage? Love, commitment, trust, communication? We could do a lot of podcasts trying to answer that question. But researchers find that one of the keys is being on the same page about money, about how to manage money and family finances. And it’s something that a lot of newlyweds don’t consider before tying the knot. So what are some good tips for newlyweds – or for that matter any married couple – when it comes to managing their finances? That’s the question for today.

Episode Notes

What’s so hard about managing finances in a marriage? Why is it such a challenge?

Let’s say they get through this first step, they share everything, what comes next?

How detailed do we need to get on these goals?

Will this approach work for everyone? And do they have to decide who’s in charge of their money?

That’s a reassuring idea, I think, that it’s not a one-time discussion or decision. It’s ongoing and something that can always be discussed and changed around.

Communication is the key.

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