Cashology by FNBO

Keeping Your Money Safe Online

Episode Summary

People are doing everything online these days – staying in touch with friends, checking the news, shopping and banking. Our money, like so many other aspects of our lives, is now mobile. Today, consumers shop more on their phone than they do in-store. And nearly three-quarters of consumers bank online and/or use mobile banking apps. So how do we keep our money safe online? That’s the question for today.

Episode Notes

How important is having a strong password – whether we’re talking about your account at Amazon or your online bank accounts?

What about two-factor or multi-factor authentication? How does that help?

What other steps can we take?

What if you’re traveling or out in public and there are simply no other options?

We hear a lot about Phishing scams, Phishing emails these days, too. What can we do to protect ourselves from giving up our personal data to one of these scams?

All the same rules for our credit card and debit card accounts?