Cashology by FNBO

Managing Money in Your 20's

Episode Summary

It’s never too soon to build good habits around money and, while your 20's may seem like the time to have fun and too early to get serious about things like retirement, the habits you develop now can have long-lasting impact on your quality of life and financial freedom. We’re going to take a look at four healthy financial habits to start practicing now – controlling spending, saving regularly, building credit and saving for retirement.

Episode Notes


Habit 1 – controlling spending always seems to come first. 

Habit 2 – saving regularly. How do we make this a habit?

Habit 3 – building credit. How do we get a good credit score?

Habit 4 – saving for retirement. This is a real opportunity to build wealth.

It’s so hard when we’re in our 20s.

Useful info/links

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