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Steps for Identity Theft and Fraud Prevention

Episode Summary

Identity theft. Fraud. Most of us believe it can’t happen to us. But really it can happen to anyone, anytime. Anywhere from 7% to 10% of US consumers are victims of identity theft or fraud every year. And this can have such a negative impact on our lives and financial health, lowering our credit scores and costing us hundreds or even thousands of dollars. So how do can we protect ourselves against identity theft and fraud? That’s the question for today.

Episode Notes

Where do we start in protecting ourselves from identity theft? What do we need to do?

What about social media accounts? Do those make us vulnerable too?

What about offline activities, when we’re just out and about in the world?

And what about on the phone? What can we do to protect ourselves while on the phone?

How do so many people get fooled by these calls and emails and texts?

We’ve always have to be on guard these days.